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How do you serve as our virtual partners?

Actually, having virtual partners do not differ much with the in-house bookkeepers/accountants, only that everything is done online in processing and maintaining your financial records and reports. One perk is, it is all done in one virtual location and all are furnished in digital copies, making it more convenient for you as an owner.

Do you cater small businesses only?

No. We accept clients from companies of any size. The assessment of the business, transactions, company needs and its activities is to be conducted upon dealing with our services.

When do I pay you for Bookkeeping Services?

If you try to search online, most bookkeepers would cost you between ___ to ____ hourly rate. However, to cater those who need our services for quite a long term, we can also arrange a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment period and the corresponding costs depending on our agreement as partners and to suit your needs.

How Does a Virtual Bookkeeper Work?

As the word itself says, virtual means that we will work hand in hand as partners by means of a computer, especially over a network. We will provide you reports regularly to keep you updated of your financial standing and would let you know your company needs. Our online accountants will work as if they are with you the whole time to take care of your finances and reports

How many days would it take to set up Accounting Services online?

As mentioned above, we always start with initial evaluation or assessment of your business. The time that it would take to complete set up online depends on the condition of your books. If the books need to be re-organized especially for those non-current books. All these have to be done first before we start with regular work.

Which one can save you more, Virtual Bookkeeping/Accounting Services or In-House Bookkeepers Accountant?

 As per survey, it has been concluded that our services would take you to spend ____% of what you spend for an in-house bookkeeping and accounting services. As much as possible, we use updated tools and software to free you from debt and make your business more profitable. If necessary, we may also offer a coaching program.

How do I use my Accounting Software?

Our team will have to introduce you and your assigned personnel (if there are) on everything that you need to know and to access the software, shortly upon making a deal with us.

Do you have any other branch services?

Right now, we are only based here in Tampa, Florida.

Is there a contract involved here?

When you hire, you do not enter into a long-term contract. Most of the clients avail of our services on a monthly basis. This is all dependent on your company needs and the period covered by our bookkeeping and accounting services.

During setup, do you charge additional fees?

We understand if your books are not that organized and cleaned up for the current year, the reason why you hired us to assist you on this. If your books are current, you will not be charged any fees, otherwise we can talk on the reasonable price. Important is, we will help you clean up your books and organize your records. We will be happy to help you on this.


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